Tired of being an exhausted parent? 
The My Kids Community is a online education resource renewing hope for parents of foster and adoptive children. The My Kids Community consists of an ten module online course, access to a closed Facebook group of  parents on similar journeys with foster and adoptive children and regular online meetings with Steve Luther himself (father of 9 adopted kids, LPC, Founder of The Grace Wellness Center). This revolutionary program is for those who have felt like throwing in the towel and are looking for new paradigms, not just new parenting methods.
You'll get the first four lessons free! Just sign up.
  • 10 Module Training Course: You'll get access to Steve Luther's 20-year in the making parenting program. Steve has been a Christian Counselor and Founder of The Grace Wellness Center in Pennsylvania. He has trained hundreds of parents locally for the past decade!
  • Be a Part of a Community: Most of us try to do this parenting thing alone. We are tired of hearing everyone else's success stories, or being shamed for our choices. That is no longer the case with The My Kids Community. You'll have instant access to our Private Facebook Group where we can feel safe sharing our stories, confident in knowing there's help and together in this battle to help our children thrive.
  • Get Answers To Your Specific Questions: You'll have access to many of our My Kids Community Experts - including Steve Luther himself. In The My Kids Community you'll be able to ask your questions via Facebook and get them answered. We will also be doing regular Facebook Live sessions where you can collaborate with Steve and other parents on how to help your child best. 
  •  Biblical Approach: As a foster or adoptive parent you have more in common with God than you think. All of us are adopted by God as children, through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. The bible depicts broken families in desperate need of source of life. We follow an approach that engages God's Word through the Scriptures - the only source of life we know. We believe, whole-heartedly, that we have a loving and wise God who walks with us in the midst of our parenting.
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